Train the Brain 2020: Resilience & Self-Care in the Face of Adversity

So far, 2020 has been a year filled with uncertainty and unexpected hardship. Many of us are experiencing stress and anxiety like never before. Palm Health Foundation’s grantees and partners are providing free information and opportunities to help you maintain good brain health during this time.

Together, we can commit to daily self-care.

Together, we can cultivate resilience in this challenging time.

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Join us on Tuesday 10/20 for NAMI Palm Beach County's FREE "Improv for Communication" workshop! Learn how to enhance your listening abilities and strengthen your connections to others. #TraintheBrainPBC

Pandemic Parenting Tip: Use age-appropriate words when talking about the way this pandemic is impacting your mental health. Words like “anxiety” and “depression” might be hard to understand. For younger kids, use “sad” and “scared." #TraintheBrainPBC

Parenting in a Pandemic Tip: Acknowledge your struggles in front of your kids. By sharing the way you're feeling, you are modeling healthy behavior. #TraintheBrainPBC
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Brain Health Pledge:

I will take care of my brain EVERY DAY. I will sleep at least 7 hours, add fruits and vegetables to my meals, get active for at least 30 minutes, calm my mind in a quiet place, spend time with friends and family and show kindness to all people, especially those with mental health conditions.