Each year, the foundation’s Train the Brain campaign focuses on a unique aspect of brain health. In 2019, the Train the Brain campaign theme is Brain Health in the Workplace. The foundation is prioritizing brain health in the workplace because recent studies confirm that the workplace is where many individuals experience the most mental stress – the cost to both individuals and their organizations is significant.

Palm Health Foundation knows that building a culture of health—a culture that supports physical, mental, social, and spiritual health—not only benefits employees and their family members in countless ways, it also benefits business.

That is why the foundation is providing organizations with its Train the Brain Wellness Kit in conjunction with Palm Health Foundation’s October 2019 Train the Brain events and activities.

The free and comprehensive Train the Brain Wellness Kit provides resources, promotional pieces, event ideas and discounted rates for presentations
by brain health experts to interested businesses, non-profit organizations and civic groups. The kit enables participants to offer
meaningful events and activities to groups with minimal effort.



Even if you are not currently a member of the workforce, you can participate too. If you would like to start a brain health routine to improve your brain health, you can use these materials for your own personal growth or to launch and promote the campaign in your school, place of worship, civic group or neighborhood.

Please use the following materials when promoting the campaign or your Train the Brain event!

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Palm Health Foundation is Palm Beach County’s community foundation for health. With the support of donors and a focus on results, the foundation builds strong community partnerships, respects diverse opinions, advocates for its most vulnerable neighbors and inspires innovative solutions to lead change for better health now and for generations to come. The foundation supports health equity for Palm Beach County residents of all backgrounds, heritage, education, incomes and states of well-being. Palm Health Foundation has invested more than $80 million in Palm Beach County health since 2001. For more information about Palm Health Foundation, visit palmhealthfoundation.org or call (561) 833-6333.

Train the Brain Boilerplate

Train the Brain is one of Palm Health Foundation’s annual community health campaigns and empowers residents to take charge of their brain health. The goal of the campaign is to change the conversation around brain health by helping Palm Beach County residents understand that taking care of the brain is just as important as taking care of the body. Participants are invited to make changes in their thinking, integrate self-care into their daily routines and show compassion to individuals with acute and persistent mental health conditions.

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